Stunning Curved Couch

Mar 4th

Stresses curved rooms with curved furniture. If living room has curved walls, you can highlight this feature with a curved couch. This sofa would fit better into wall, allowing more fluidity and space while reinforcing corners. Do not hide architecture, take it. Use a carpet in round area and round coffee table to better highlight fourth round.

Swivel Chairs Living Room Furniture

Optimizes part of a larger angular quarter to put curved couch, if your room is small angles, make them look bigger by using space vertically. You can Stresses angle of wall with a light color and using it as a backdrop for a bookcase, an art piece, or wall hanging. Another option is to paint all walls same color to cover angles. Take advantage of installing hardwood floor angle in direction of smallest of room. This will make it seem longer.

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Use form to dictate design. Whatever form, use it to create interesting visual designs. Do not peel shape flows. When you paint, follows logic to stop. Paint a curved wall completely if you want to create a focal point. If possible, paint main walls so that they are within angles. Add curved couch and accessories that will disarm dominant form smooth curves as well as a fourth dude angles predominate.